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The Specialty Switch Co. LLC.

The Specialty Switch Company LLC. manufactures a wide variety of switches used in both air and oil environments. Most of our products are de-energized tap changers and network grounding switches used    in transformers, but we also produce and repair a wide variety of switches for many different applications.

Our most popular product types and services are:

  • De-Energized Tap Changers
  • Series/Parallel Switches
  • Delta-Wye Switches
  • Network Grounding Switches
  • Multiple Voltage Switches
  • Motor Operated Switches
  • LTC Terminal Boards
  • Repair & Rebuild Switches

The Specialty Switch Company also offers a variety of custom designs. We work with our customers to provide solutions for your unique needs and applications. Our 30 year experience in building many different designs of switches helps us to better understand your needs and provide proven solutions from our past experience.

With our management team’s commitment to quality and excellence, we want to build trustworthy and long lasting partnerships with our customers and other business partners. We believe that this approach can be our vehicle to maintain and build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers.


PHONE: 330.427.3000