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Bladed Common Center Air switches (70B series)

Used for switching position in Motor Test Equipment as well as used for furnace transformers.

  • 200 AMP to 2,000 AMP, (bridging up to 1600 Amp)
  • 600 volts to 1.2kV
  • Up to 12 positions
  • Single or three phase

Bladed Bridging De-Energized tap-changer (73 - series)

Used as the tap changer to adjust voltage of distribution transformers.

  • 200 AMP to 600 AMP,
  • 600 volts to 34.5 kV
  • 5-7 position

Common Center or Disc Style Air switch (77B series)

Used for switching connections for variety different applications. Could be used for furnace transformers.

  • 200AMP to 800 AMP,
  • Up to 1.2kV 2-8 position

Dry Type Network Switch
(51 series)

Used on Dry network transformers for disconnecting the primary feeder from the transformer and connecting incoming feeder to the ground.

  • 95kV BIL, 125, kV BIL, and 200 kV BIL
  • Two (2) position (open/ground) or Three (3) position (open/closed/ground)
  • Side wall mount, with welded or bolted front plate.

Motor operated Air switches (30B series)

Common Center or Bridging style, used for switching position in Testing equipment, distribution, air-core reactor- wind turbine etc.

  • 200 to 6500 AMP,
  • 600 volts to 46kV
  • Up to 8 position.